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The Cauldron Bearer:

As heir to the legendary King Math, Gwydion is sent to study on the Isle of Anglesey, where he is apprenticed to the chief bard of Wales and taught the all-important role of protecting the collected history and wisdom of his people-the Cauldron of Knowledge. When his master suddenly dies, Gwydion steps in as his successor. But on the eve of his initiation, he is betrayed by a friend, captured by Irish raiders, and taken to Annwfyn, the half-mythic Otherworld beyond the Western Sea. There, he comes face to face with Arawn, Lord of the Otherworld, who will stop at nothing to possess the Cauldron of Knowledge, believing it will help him and his Irish allies in their impending invasion. To protect the Cauldron, Gwydion must come to terms with his friend’s betrayal and decide which is more important: his people’s past or his own future.